Scorpion is a rare guest in the dreams and the more dangerous it is in the dream, the less you should ignore it. He never comes without any reason, dream with scorpion participation always have a hidden meaning. For a correct interpretation, try to remember all the details of your vision.

For a woman, a dream, where she met a scorpion, promises an acquaintance with a powerful man. The young lady should not rejoice, later this man might show himself as a despot and a tyrant. The larger sizes of a scorpion you encountered in a dream, the more evident the negative qualities of this person.

The dream in which you are bitten by a scorpion portends to look at old acquaintances from a different point of view. They will be less ideal than you imagined and this will bring great disappointment and resentment. Because of their betrayal, you have to wash away the stain of shame from the reputation.

If a scorpion bites itself in your dream, then, in reality, it expects success in business. All the tasks will be on your shoulder.

An arthropod, bitten by another person in your dream, warns of impending danger. In real life, your enemies are preparing to strike. You have to be more careful and do not trust your secrets to anyone.

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When you managed to kill a scorpion in a dream, you can rejoice, in real life, you will overcome all the troubles. You will be able to solve their plot and prevent it.

If you dream that you cooked and ate a scorpion, in real life, you will get all the best qualities of this animal. Your opinion will be significant to others and the enemies will be afraid of your “sting.”

If you dreamed of a red scorpion, it means a lot of strength of your opponents. When you try to fight them, you will definitely lose. To get out of the situation with the least losses, it is necessary to retreat for a while. The start of new enterprises will have to be postponed.

Still, this dream of a red scorpion can personify the dangers that you create for yourself. You cannot control strong negative emotions, and this can significantly damage your life. You should learn to meet with your negative emotions, accept them and let them go.

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