If you had a dream of a severed human head and you are not afraid of it and it’s actually looking pleasant for you, such a dream heralds communication with a high-ranking person. If necessary, you can safely turn to him for support. When the head in the dream is covered in blood and look frightening, this dream predicts disappointments and annoying incidents in life.

If you had the dream of your own head separately from the body, this indicates a double behavior. Lately, your words are very often at variance with actions. This attitude can consolidate your reputation as an unreliable and unfaithful person. To prevent this, stop making unrealistic promises.

severed head dream meaning

If you had the dream of a severed head of someone close to you, this dream recommends paying particular attention to the life and health of this person. Looks like he is facing a real danger.

To dream about the head of a stranger who expresses discontent and loudly curses, it is worth keeping your advice and ambitions to yourself. You often go into other people’s affairs with uninvited comments.

The dream of a bald chopped off head of a man indicates that you may do stupid actions. Do not act rashly. Also, this dream can mean a quick acquaintance with an unreasonable and limited person. You do not need to maintain friendly relations with him.

If you had a dream where you wash hair on the severed head, you can count on financial injections into the budget. For a woman, such a dream promises an acquaintance with a wealthy and generous man.

The dream of a severed head of a wild animal, in reality you risk “going all the way”. Some event will push you to illegibility in communication and questionable communication. Try to keep yourself in hand and always remember the consequences of your unworthy behavior. Try to distract yourself from what is happening in more peaceful and cultural ways.

severed head dream meaning

If you had the dream of the severed head of a dog, it symbolizes cooperation with a reliable and honest person. When it barks and tries to bite, wait for trouble from enemies and competitors.

The dream of a severed pig’s head, suggests tuning into troubles and problems in life. On the way to the goal, there will be a lot of obstacles and negative moments. To overcome them they will have to work hard. Also, this dream tells about your spiritual imperfection and self-doubt. It’s time to put things in order in your thoughts and clearly outline future goals.

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