In general, a dream about the shark meaning formidable enemies. Probably you have someone in your life who is very dominant, and you are continually living in a state of fear. However, there are other interpretations that are described below.

If you dream that a shark haunts or attacks you, then the dream means future disasters and calamities.

If your dream sharks frolic in the clear water, you risk losing your success with the opposite sex because of envious gossip. To see a dead shark means recoverable costs and the return of happy days.

Dreaming of sharks may also represent your negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, hostility, and aggression. Probably there is something in your life that is crushing your spirits, and you are desirous of breaking free.

If you dream how a shark swims near you, a double-faced person will appear or have already performed and who wants to intercept his luck. Everything that makes up your happiness, can get to him if you do not take timely measures. Also, this dream reflects a hidden evil, a person who is offended by you. Try to correct the situation and, if possible, apologize.

If in a dream the shark follows you persistently, in real life you should be aware of troubles. Probably you will not be able to avoid the problems, but you can only minimize losses, closely following the course of events and reacting in time. This period can last for a while, so have patience.

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A dream where you survived after a shark attack, this dream allows you to hope for a favorable outcome of the battle with the enemy. Listen to the inner voice, at the moment; this is the best adviser. To a greater extent, this treatment concerns a dream in which the attack of the fish left no trace on you.

Dream about a severe trauma from a meeting with a predator warns of difficult times. Probably, in reality, adverse changes at work and home.

If you dream about a shark that has a face of your partner, in real life, it tells about the difficulties of everyday life. Probably a loved one has a significant influence on you and has strong authority. If you can not agree with him, then you need to find another way to get rid of his harmful influence.

If in a dream you killed a shark, this dream symbolizes victory over life’s difficulties and rivals. Even if you do not know who your opponent is, you cannot be afraid of him; the success will be yours.

The increase in all the problems in many times promises a dream in which you were suddenly surrounded by a whole flock of sharks. Try to determine in advance in which area of life and from whom this danger comes.

If you dream about how you eat delicious shark soup, it shows your tension. This dream personifies your efforts to suppress negative emotions when dealing with an unpleasant person. This critical quality will be useful for you in the future in challenging situations.

shark dream meaning, dream about shark, shark dream interpretation, seeing in a dream shark

To turn into a shark is a sign of an intense and penetrating character. Everything that has been conceived will come true, thanks to your ability to stubbornly go to the goal and not depend on the opinions of others. But do not forget that sometimes a kind word can be achieved much more than nagging.

A dream in which a shark attacks your friend reveals the impending need to give him every help and support. Have to take some of the trouble and work hard instead of him.

A whole pack of sharks, attacking your close person, warns you that the loneliness is threatening this person. Do everything to support him morally and show maximum sympathy to your close one

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