Dream about shoes can have various interpretations depending on the circumstance and the appearance of the boots themselves.

If you dream that you are wearing new, fashionable and well fitting shoes, it means that your earnings will soon increase by way of you supporting some novel idea or a concept.  This idea might even be somewhat radical and unheard of, but never the less it will bring you increased profits.

The meaning of a dream in which you are wearing shoes of the wrong size is not very positive. It means that you need to devote more time to your friends and relatives. They might feel offended by the lack of attention to their needs from your side. This dream can also indicate that you are putting your trust in the wrong person in your professional life.

A dream in which you are buying shoes for yourself is quite confident. Often it indicates that you will soon get some form of financially lucrative information which you could use to increase your earnings significantly.

If in the dream you buy shoes for another person in indicates that someone has set their sights on you in the personal life. You might be not aware of this at all, but you are likely the object of intense emotion. This situation will be resolved as you will be approached by the person who has feelings for you.

If you dream that you repair shoes in the dream, it indicates that you are entirely a contempt for your current professional position and achievements.

A dream in which you wear old, unfashionable shoes can indicate that you are ashamed of some event that you have caused in your personal life.   If you dream that you sell shoes, it means that soon you will have a multitude of lucrative business opportunities. It is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night.

Another dream dictionary gives the following dream interpretation:

The dream, where you were wearing high-heeled shoes, predicts difficult situations ahead. You will have to show the firmness of character and unshakable willpower. Dream with a large and wide heel says that you will have the ability to overcome stressful situations. A thin and shaky appearance of the heels warns that a support group will be needed.
If you dream about new high-heeled shoes, say that in the coming labor conflict you need to show a grasp and high moral qualities. You can behave yourself worthy, the authorities will appreciate this and will give an opportunity to prove yourself in a more senior position. It is especially true for classic black shoes.

If in the dream the shoes are large for you, do not rush to take on new responsibilities. Impossible tasks will have a negative impact on your well-being and will leave the best recommendations in your resume.

Dream about the small size of the shoes encourages you not to express your opinion about other people. It does not strongly coincide with the views of others and can push people away from you or cause their indignation.
Dream about wearing shoes from different pairs predicts flexibility and loyalty. Current affairs will require from you non-standard thoughts in solving issues. Try to find approaches to the right people.
In many ways, the dream interpretation depends on the color of the shoes.

Red shoes embody the raging emotions in you and burning feelings in personal relationships. Soon you will find a new love adventure that will show these qualities.
Dream about white or yellow shoes advises that everything goes according to the plan you have planned. The goal will be achieved shortly. If the white shoes in the dream were the wedding shoes, take it as a direct indication. Soon you will receive a proposal to create a family, or you will meet a person who will become a real lifelong partner.

dream about shoes

Family boat shoes on wooden background.

Shoes of black color symbolize an advantageous trend in commercial or business activities. Your professional decisions will lead to an increase in income and will allow you to establish business contacts with the right people.
Green shoe reflects a peaceful financial future. All your actions, despite the risky appearance, will turn fruitful soil for further development.

Blue shoes speak not only of material well-being for a long time but also of a successful marital union. If at the moment you are not married, this happy moment is just around the corner. The person who will make up your happiness will bring joy and happiness to family life. When you have already concluded a marriage, family life will be settled and comfortable for many years.

Pink shoes embody lie and betrayal. As new acquaintances, and long-time proven people can now inflict irreparable damage on you with your dismissive attitude and a long tongue.

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