What does it mean when you see snakes in the dream?

Snake is an ectothermic, legless reptile and this creature may evoke respect and fear among those who see it. Dream of snake means a spiritual awakening and transformation or transition in life.

In real life, people often afraid of snakes and it reflects why snakes in a dream are not good signs.  Dreams about snakes may reflect your fears in life or even potential danger. If you see several snakes in your dream, this means that some people are ganging together and they are trying to create trouble situations for you.

Dreaming of a black snake may indicate that something dark lurking in your life. Probably you are subconsciously dealing with depression and sadness, that you experience this in your real life but do not realise this. Perhaps there is some emotional distress that you are still dealing with subconsciously (maybe you haven’t gotten over an ex or you are harboring feelings of guilt and regret). Seeing a black snake is a usually sign of a bad relationship or energy in your life, but it could also be a financial warning. Be cautious of your finances and the people around you.

Friendly snakes in the dream symbolize your ability to solve problems and analyze complicated situations. Also, a snake is a symbol of male sexual energy and wisdom. For a young woman, a snake often symbolizes her fear of sex, losing their virginity or getting pregnant.

If you see a poisonous snake in your dream, this reflects your feelings of the tricky problem, severe losses or total failure. Probably, you have people around you that cannot be trusted. A poisonous snake may also represent a person with lousy influence that you do not like.

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If you dream about a friendly snake, this indicates that you are likely to face some obstacles in the near future, but you will have enough energy and strength to overcome them and keep going.

People with severe illness may often see the dream about snakes. If you suffer from unusual pain, maybe this is the right time to visit your doctor, especially if you were dreaming about snakes for the last few nights.

If a snake bites you in a dream, this reflects your fear of losing control, the power of your integrity. However, if in your dream you have been bitten by a snake and you do not feel pain, this means that you may gain great wealth in the future.

If you dream of snakes that attack you in a dream and you are able to escape from the snake, this indicates your powerful growth. This dream of snake suggests that you may be in relationships which you are likely to grow. Everything in life has it’s beginning and it’s ending. 

If in your dream you are choked by a snake may represent feelings about a negative influence that is preventing you from expressing yourself.

Killing a snake in the dream means that you will celebrate triumph over your enemies.

What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream? If you killed a snake or snakes in a dream, it predicts that you may successfully avoid danger in your life. You may also break your relationship with a person who is doing more harm for you than good things. Also, a dream about killing a snake could be a sign related to your sexual desires in life.


Dreaming of snakes often is a symbol of transformation and if we look broader at snake dream meaning, the general interpretation is that the snake is associated with our ability to handle life difficulties. There is a positive side if you see a snake in a dream, it represents positivity in terms of healing and overcoming problems and difficulties. 

Psychologists associate the snake in a dream as a connection to our sexuality. How we interpret intimacy and bonding with our partners. Another interpretation of snakes in a dream is that of a state of healing. If we look at some of the ancient statues of snakes around the world we see many that use the symbol of the snake as rebirth. The snake represents the circle of life.

There appears to be little universal meaning the symbol of the snake in a dream. The Christian religion defines the snake Satan in disguise.

Equally, in Judaism, the snake is also considered evil. In the Garden of Eden, a serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, making them mortal. In some interpretations, the serpent in the garden represents sexual desire and the fall of man from purity, while in others, a snake can be seen as a carrier of wisdom.

A dream about a snake, then, can mean many things according to the Christian and Jewish traditions. Most likely, the snake represents deception, either your own or someone else’s. Dreams about snakes can also be about sexual desire, particularly a desire you may be ashamed of or feel is wrong.

snake dream meaning

In Egypt the snake is representative of positive and negative energy this is cosmic energy. To see two snakes twisting in a dream is associated with healing. If we look at the symbolic meaning the two snakes twisting is similar to the Roman staff of Mercury that creates a healing symbol – used by doctors throughout the world. In the Hindus tradition, the snake represents a force of life known as the kundalini which lays at the base of the human spine.

In this tradition, the snake energy provides mental illness or spiritual development. The occult meaning of the snake is the Greek goddess Hecate and Artemis carry snakes. This represents female power in life.

In our dream state, the snake is associated with female power. Many old dream dictionaries foretell that snake symbol is associated with deceit. In the Indian tradition typically the Badaga dreaming of snakes represents a new threat in the home. In Mexico the snake dream is connected to quarrels, feeling trapped, wealth and also money. The snake dream is also connected to shamanic power and a sign that the dreamer is strong.

Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung has their vision on interpreting dreams about snakes. Freud saw dreams as an expression of personal unconscious sexual desire, Jung understood dreams as a way of tapping into a collective unconscious based on shared archetypes and cultural symbols.

Freud sees a dream about snakes and asks the dreamer what their personal experience of snakes has been, particularly during childhood. Were they scared of snakes, or did they have a negative experience with snakes in real life? According to Freud, the snake symbolizes a penis. So snake dream meaning is in some way connected to the sexual feelings or sexual relationships in your waking life.

Carl Jung believed that dreams about snakes personify a threatening aspect of the conflict between conscious mind and instinct.

Many dreams about snakes are your unconscious mind’s response to events in your past and present. Any traumatic events in your life may be represented in your dreams as snakes. Try to process your past traumas by visiting a psychologist so the events of your past do not harm you in the dreams through the symbols of snakes.

If you had a dream about cobra slithering past, it foretells a peaceful and serene life.

Another snake, that appears often is the dream is an anaconda. Anaconda in the dream is often a sign of pressure and stress in real life, but there are also other interpretations if you see an anaconda in the dream.

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