If in a dream you just look at the briefcase, it predicts to receive news from afar. Maybe you will get the news from the old friends or distant relatives.
A travel bag, in which things are piled up in heaps, promises a scandal with a loved one. Stay calm in any situation.

The dream in which you worry about the safety of the contents of a suitcase heralds success in planned affairs and enterprises. Especially it concerns the working sphere.
If you can not put all the things in a suitcase, in real life you can expect a quick advance through the career ladder or an impressive bonus as an assessment of your efforts.

For men, a new travel bag predicts a close relationship with a young girl. For a woman, this foretells the obstacles in dealing with the partner. Slackness of consciousness and sexual stiffness will not allow you to make a new turn in the relationship.
An old or broken suitcase personifies the tension of relations with the opposite sex. Distrust, based on past failures, dramatically harms your communication with people.

A suitcase full of metal coins, speaks of the emergence of new connections and influential people in the circle of your communication. Establishing friendly contacts with them will create a significant financial pillow for yourself. It promises to spend the rest of your life in prosperity and luxury. If the bag was full of notes, then, in reality, you can expect the loss and despondency. The larger the suitcase, the more extended this period will be.

Closed suitcase symbolizes your secrets and life experience. When the suitcase weighs a lot, and you can not pick it up, you should think about the wisdom of your actions. Maybe you are dragging along everything you have gained during your life, but it is all in vain. Something should be abandoned, so you can move on. For example, you can get rid of old grievances and child’s complexes.

The dream, in which you have an empty suitcase, does not presage the future. You have free time and space ahead of you. This is good and bad. Well, because it will be time to rethink your life and take up the coveted trifles. Sad, because it says the end of all relationships for any of the reasons such as divorce or relocation.

Collecting your suitcase on the road is a sign of separation. A big quarrel with a life companion awaits you. And in many respects, the relations will be spoiled because of the extra words you said. Anger is an evil adviser.
A lost suitcase warns that other people will try to use the results of your labor and you will have to work hard and a lot. Be careful and do not trust everyone.

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