Tank Dream Meaning

To see a tank in your dream this is a good sign. Is indicative that you can overcome a lot of challenging obstacles that are in front of you. Any difficulties that you have might be seen as unavoidable by you. But able to be overwhelmed with increased effort.

The interpretation of a dream in which you drive a tank is positive. Such a dream promises that you have reliable protection against the efforts of your enemies. This protection is likely the work of your closest friends and family members. In other words, teamwork is expected quite an important aspect.

If you drive a tank on a battlefield, you should be careful of people mounting attacks on your reputation. Your presence might be seen as a direct threat to someone. And they will fight actively to put you on the sidelines in a sense. The alternative meaning of this dream is that you will behave courageously in the face of danger. It is especially true if you found the experience of the driving of the tank to be pleasant and not frightening.

If you drive a tank towards a group of people or in an inhabited area, talks about possible troubles. It means that your hardcore, unrelenting attitude and opinion about some aspect of society might cause you some trouble down the line. You should be more careful of views and beliefs that are different from yours.

If you dream that you are into a tank and you can’t get out of it, this symbolizes immobility. It is a sign that you will experience some element of entrapment in your personal life. You might in an entirely innocent way be lured into a situation from which you there will not be the right escape. And therefore you will feel trapped.

Seeing a column of tanks passing is a sign of fear for the future. You might have concerns regarding the sustainability of the situation in your environment. It may last a long time frame.

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