Teaspoon Dream Meaning

In general, dream about a teaspoon meaning that you will soon have an unannounced guest at your home. Alternatively, it means that you have a constructive meeting with a powerful and influential person. It all depends on the details of your dream.

Dreaming about a silver teaspoon indicates that your troubles with health and energy will be eased or  eliminated. For this you need rest for a sufficient time. A dream like this one is also a sign that you need to take it easy if you want to feel better.

If you in your dream see gold or lavishly decorated teaspoon, it is a sign of a notable increase of energy and health levels. In the near future, you might have so much energy that you might multitask. And support balance between chores in your personal and professional life.

Dreaming of a set of teaspoons indicates that soon you will have several guests at your home. This group visit will be quite pleasant for you even if it might be somewhat surprising to you at first.

If in your dream you are using a tiny teaspoon to transfer a liquid from one vessel to another in indicates that you are entirely a perfectionist. And also that you are a detail-oriented person. You might have a habit of always telling people how to improve their work. But be careful of being labeled being too ‘preachy.’

A dream in which you are seated at the table full of cooked food while you only have a teaspoon in your hand can be interpreted as the warning of empty promises and false hopes. Be careful of putting too much faith in your new friends. As some of them are only showoffs, and they are unlikely to deliver on their promises.

If someone in the dream gives you a teaspoon, it indicates that you will be much honored by a notable person in real life. In other words, speak about you will reach the right ears and you will be accepted.

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