Thorn Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream in which thorn is the central theme can be varied. Usually this dream shows in which part of life you need help and support. It depends on the circumstances and the other aspects that are in the dream.

Most common are dreams in which you have pricked yourself on a thorn. This dream, in general, signifies that there will be some loss of reputation due to unavoidable causes. Most likely,  these reasons are connected with your destiny. You will be able to regain your status but only with hard work and dedication.

If you prick yourself on a thorn and the thorn remains embedded into your skin, it brings trouble. Then it can be considered that you will have more difficulty getting to a level of reputation that you had in the past. In such a case, you might need outside help if you want to reestablish your reputation.

If you have thorn embedded in the skin and someone else helps you to get it out, it means that you get help in your personal life. This will happen right when it is most needed. Some form of high emotional support will be given to you, and this will be hugely helpful.

If someone that you know has a thorn embedded in them and asks you to help them get it out, it means that you will do an immeasurably excellent service to that person in real life. You might even save them from certain death in the upcoming months. It is especially true if this dream is dreamt during the early morning hours or a daytime nap.

The meaning of a dream in which piece of your clothing has attached to a thorny bush while you were walking, it’s a bad sign. It is that you will have some trouble with getting a past deal to be respected by the other side. You might find out that the other hand is not right to their words. Probably, they prefer to ignore the previous arrangements that they had with you.

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