Throat Dream Meaning

The meaning of the dream in which a throat (yours or somebody else’s) is a prominent theme can be varied. A lot of depends on the actual prevailing mood in the dream. As well as the circumstances and the condition of the throat that was seen.

If you have a dream in which your throat is aching, and you find it difficult or even impossible to speak due to the pain, it means that someone will unjustly take your say out of some social group. You might suddenly realize that someone is trying to push you on the sidelines in a very smooth manner.

The dream in which you are unable to swallow due to a sharp pain in your throat can be interpreted as being positive. Especially it concerns your personal life and the happenings in it. Your wellbeing might be of great concern to someone. And they are genuinely trying to help you in every way they can.

If in the dream you look yourself in a mirror and you notice that your throat is sore it means that you will have some disagreement with a friend soon. This disagreement will come seemingly out of nowhere, and it will cause some cooling of the relationship.

If a friend of yours asks you to look at his throat in the dream, be sensitive. It means that you will be soon asked for advice in real life. This advice will fall out of your usual field of expertise, but you will be able to give information nonetheless.

If you have a frightening dream in which someone cuts your throat, it means that that you have a strong character. You are quite resistant to other people’s negative energy that is aimed at you. This dream can also say about danger. Someone is trying to put influence on you via supernatural means such as through black magic. Most likely the person that cuts your throat in your dream.

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