Throw Dream Meaning

The actual meaning of a dream in which you throw something can be varied, and the sense also depends on the nature of the object that was thrown.

If in the dream you horizontally throw stones it indicates that you would need to work hard to achieve what you had planned. If the rocks were thrown upward in the air, it means that soon there will be new developments in your personal life. A new person might get romantically involved with you early.

If in the dream you throw a grenade or a bomb it means that you need to keep your critical remarks about someone in check. They might hurt the other side quite severely and they are indeed not helping them.

To throw things in a broad and deep pit dug into the ground it means that you will need to cover your tracks soon. You will not be able to afford some past info for you to be known so you will decide to cover your tracks instead.

If you in your dream deliberately throw things to break them, it means that you might suffer some financial loss soon. The damage will be not due to your fault. You might be even robed on a small scale.

If someone throws a stone on you and the rock hits you it indicates that someone is genuinely in love with you even if you don’t know this. If the thrown stone misses you, it is a sign that someone will flirt with you soon.

The meaning of a dream in which you take out some small object out of your pocket and throw it in a body of water is that you are trying hard to get over some situation that has happened in the past. Alternatively, a dream like this indicates that you are quite nostalgic about something.

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