Thunder Dream Meaning

To hear in a dream a roar from heaven is a bad sign. Your actions and words can lead to a major scandal. Try not to express your opinion where it is not fundamentally necessary. Otherwise, it will bring its troubles on its own.
A dream in which you are greatly frightened by thunder foretells disturbances and experiences. Strong emotional turmoil will deprive you of peace. If you are to someone to blame, ask for forgiveness from this person.
Heard the raging elements in a dream, but could not see it – in fact, a close person hides essential information to preserve peace in the family. However, you subconsciously feel the second bottom and experience. Talk to your loved one and try to find out everything.

Dream about hiding from severe weather is a symbol of nervous overstrain. The bustle and quarrels around unnecessarily pressurize and draw out vital energy. You need to learn to abstract from what is happening and not worry about the little things. Otherwise, it’s not far that time when you want to climb into the closet to hide from the problems.

The raging weather predicts that you will have the strength to struggle with the difficulties in life. The internal energy will overcome the hardships, keeping a good mood.
If you dreamed that you are walking in the rain, this personifies the purification of the soul from internal fears. Getting rid of old complexes and emotional loads will bring happiness and unprecedented ease. Also, this dream can mean that with the support of friends, you will soon reach your cherished goal.

Dream about watching the thunder from the window of your house, while experiencing joy and inner enthusiasm – expect bright and exciting experiences. When you stand on the street, in the midst of a raging element in a dream, you will be in the middle of a whirlwind of events. Perseverance and unbending character will help you to make a significant profit from what is happening.

The dream in which you are trying to catch a loud element in the frame of your camera promises to endure a lot of pleasant moments. The coming events will leave an unforgettable impression and allow us to move forward with a positive attitude. You will be able to draw energy for a long time in these pleasant memories.
If in your dream you turn into a scientist who creates a thunderclap in a scientific laboratory, prophesies life difficulties because of your irrepressible desire for fun. In search of new emotions and impressions do not overdo it: in everything you need to know the measure.

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