Tights Dream Meaning

Having a dream in which tights are prominent theme has a mostly positive meaning. Often indicates that your need for love and comfort is met. And that you don’t have any significant open questions in your personal life.

If you are female and you have a dream in which you wear tights this is a good sign. It indicates that you will receive a significant amount of attention within the next few months. This attention will be connected with an event in your personal life. And you will be quite pleased to know that you have the ability cause such a stir in a way.

If you dream that you are shopping clothes in a store and you choose to buy tights, it means that you need to be more careful in your choices. This is especially important, when your friends are concerned. Your carelessness might get to you in the end as some of your ‘friends’ might turn their back on you.

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The meaning of a dream in which someone gives you tights as the gift is that you will have a slightly unexpected present in real life. This present will be quite odd and indeed will be quite remarkable.

A dream in which you will see torn or damaged tights can be interpreted as you being the object of groundless, malicious gossip. Your actions in your personal life might make most of the people around happy but certainly not all of them.

Dreaming of white tights signifies health and energy. It is especially true if you wear the white tights yourself in the dream. An alternative meaning of this dream is that you will be the center of attention soon. The spotlights will come on you in a sense.

If you dream that you are wearing old or torn tights, it means that you should be more careful to whom you expose your innermost feelings. Some people may be not worthy of that.

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