Token Dream Meaning

The meaning of а dream on a token can be different. It depends on the details of your dream. The most popular dream options are described below.

If you had a dream in which you had paid attention to a phone token will have to overpower myself. Probably, you will soon need to have a conversation with a person that you consider to be nefarious. You might in a way be out of your comfort zone. As you will have to deal with a dishonest person. There are and an alternative meaning of this dream. It means that you will need to limit your contact with strangers within the next few months.

If you had dreamt that you had put a phone token on the phone, this portends a difficult conversation. Maybe, it signify that you will soon need to speak about private matters with another person. Something that is quite secretive about you will be told to the other person.

Dreaming about any transportation token (bus, subway, etc.) is suggestive that you will need to undertake business travel soon. This travel will open up some possibilities. And you might even find a new base and seed ground for your business plans and ideas.

If in the dream a token is featured which will allow you to enter into private property or join a private party it’s a good news. This means that you will be soon invited to a select company. You might be quite honored, and you will be quite pleased by the whole ordeal.

If you dream that you have lost a significant token in your dream, it means that your honors will increase in real life. The right people will notice your efforts and you will get what you deserve.

If you dream that you had been robbed out of your token, it means that you should be less optimistic. Special about the success of some ideas that are ‘pushed’ on to you by your friends.

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