Towel Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream, in which there were towel can refers to any part of your life. Usually this foreshadows big and small changes. And also gives a hint for better results.

A dream towel presages participation in a business trip or a long journey. Tune in accordingly, because you will not be able to refuse this.

Dream about a thick cotton towel warns of an impending avalanche of changes. Do not be afraid of the new: this time the towel from sleep will “soften” even the steepest vital turns. Everything that the universe has prepared for you will be a joy and will allow you to take a fresh look at reality.

To experience a sense of purification and moral satisfaction from a new towel in a dream is the beginning of a bright road in reality. Feel free to take on new business and resolve old issues: on any path will be a success. Do not miss this opportunity.

Wiping yourself with a towel in a dream promises victory in a delicate matter. In reality, you will be able to prove your rightness to a very stubborn opponent and get out of the situation with a feeling of own importance.

If you dream about buying a towel, it is a harbinger to see the cardinal changes in life.  A new acquaintance or a person from your environment will force you to change course and go the other way. Do not be stubborn and do not try to resist it: change is inevitable.

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A dream about a white towel will erase your troubles. Soon, the difficulties themselves will come to naught, and you can breathe in full.

The dream in which the towel was twisted in a turban on your head, predicts fame and success. Achievements will exalt you in the eyes of others. The comfort and warmth of this attribute also speak of mutual feelings with the opposite sex. Relationships that began shortly will be filled with mutual understanding and caress. For old love, there will come a period of rebirth and passion.

A dream about a kitchen towel received as a gift, speaks of an unexpected visit. Friends or acquaintances will decide to come to visit you. Maybe even without warning. If you gave it to someone, do not show great enthusiasm. The first impression is deceptive. What you admire immensely will later also endlessly disappoint.

If you saw in a dream, how you wash a towel, the hour of reckoning has come. Old mistakes will remind you of yourself, and the best thing you can do is fix them. Most often, this dream reflects an unfair attitude towards some person in the past.
The long towel that you hold in your hands is the beginning of the journey. You are waited by travel on business or for rest. Despite the brevity of time, this trip will make a big difference in your life.

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