Tower Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream in which you seeing tower can have a varied. Such a dream can talk about future success or warn of rash actions. Interpretation depends on the details of your vision.

A dream, in which you see a massive tower, symbolizes your desire to reach the heights in everything. If you dream you go up to the roof of the tower, in reality, you will be able to realize your plans.

However, if you dream about that while you climb the tower, steps crumble under your feet, and the tower is destroyed. As a result, your hope for the better future will not be justified.

If you dreamed of a tower, which is pleasant to look at, future enterprises are waiting for success. Everything you take will be accomplished in the best way.
You finally get some excellent news, which has been waiting for a long time, if in a dream you saw a clock on a high tower, counting every hour with a bell ringing.

A dream where the tower swings under the gusts of the wind or by itself, prophesies a stable position. Despite the external circumstances, you can stay in place, slightly adjusting to the conditions.

If you are admiring the paintings and the surroundings of the ancient fortress in the dream, it is a sign of fascinating adventures in reality. You will find yourself embroiled in a fascinating story and get a lot of new emotions. Perhaps it will be participating in an exciting quest.

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If you dream about the Eiffel Tower in the distance, it predicts a love affair and romantic adventures. Mutual sympathy and shared interests with the new person will allow you to spend time with excitement and pleasure.

If you stand all alone on the observation deck of Eiffel Tower and admire the city, it is a harbinger that the life will be measured and predictable. Calm and comfort will always be near you. But, when it is scattered in pieces because of the earthquake, in reality, it is necessary to fight back from the stream of troubles.

Dreaming about the falling tower of Pisa presages to spend time in a cycle of passion and boiling emotions. Your quick temper and uncompromising can play a negative role in life.

Dream, in which you climb up the wall of the tower near the ancient castle, speaks of a steep turn of the life. The upcoming events will make you look differently at the world and your place in it.

Ringing bells on a high tower is a symbol of excessive talkativeness. After learning something new, you are in a hurry to share information. Do not tell everyone around you what you know. Sometimes it is useful to keep secrets, both your own and others’.

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The abandoned lighthouse into which you are trying to climb, foreshadow the victory over the difficulties in achieving a dream. Having shown persistence and sincere desire to win, you will necessarily come to your goal.

If you fell from a high tower, in reality, you can not get what you want, no matter how hard you try. Release the situation and do not waste your energy. The same is predicted by a dream in which you unsuccessfully try to build a tower from sand.

Historical ruins warn that you too often put your affairs aside to please others. A keen desire to help your friends can destroy your own life as a result. Learn to say no and deal with your problems.

The construction of a water tower in a dream will bring you a promotion and an increased salary. Do not be frightened of new responsibilities, agree to this advantageous offer.

The modern high-rise building, which collapses before your very eyes, tells about future troubles in the financial sphere and conflicts nearby. Try not to get into other people’s conflicts to avoid such problems.

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