Train Dream Meaning

When you saw in a dream how a person hit by a freight train, in reality, it means good news related to a career. The bosses will entrust an essential matter to you. Show maximum professionalism; it will help to raise the career ladder.
If you dreamed of a passenger train, this means a quick change for the better. Tune in to the good and do not resist what you want to enter into your life. When he was traveling on the ground, and not on rails, wait for the complexities that take up a lot of energy and energy. All things will take much longer than you expected. Take this into account and try to adjust your plans.

Dream about a suburban electric train of bright colors promises a pleasant pastime in the company of old friends. This will remind you of the adventures of youth and add excitement to your life. The dim and gray colors of wagons foreshadow quiet and peaceful days in the circle of their family. Do not take this negative: spending time with loved ones can be very pleasant.
Dream, where you missed your train, advises you to keep your mouth shut. Your excessive frankness puts weapons in the hands of enemies. Using information, they can cause you great moral and material harm.
Buying a ticket for this transport warns against communication with dubious personalities. Protect your family from such people so that none of your relatives will suffer.

When you have to catch up with the train in a dream, in reality, you can safely expect to improve your financial situation and your weight in society. Also, this dream may herald a move to a new place of residence.
Waiting for the train prophesies financial troubles and deception waking. Stars recommend to give up any, even the most profitable deals shortly. Partners will try to deceive you or run away with all the money.
If you go off the train on the bank of the river or in the middle of an earful field, you can hope for an early replenishment of the family. It will be the birth of your child or the happiness of someone from close relatives. But keep in mind that in this case, the relatives will move to you for a long time.

The crash of an overhead train predicts minor quarrels and turmoil in life. Try not to pay attention to it and do not get irritated once again. It will soon pass. Sleep, where the subway train got off the rails, will bring trouble in the home affairs. Minor breakages, leaks, flood and failure of the wiring – that’s what should be feared shortly. Faults are better to be eliminated immediately so that they do not develop into significant problems.
To see a burning railway station or an exploded train is a sign of irresponsibility of your partners. Take everything under tight control. Otherwise, the compulsory will deprive you of profit and will bring a lot of trouble.
A head-on collision of trains prophesies a new acquaintance. Passion and vivid emotions will take your whole life. This at the time will deprive you of the opportunity to do other things but will fill with ease and happiness.

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