TV Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a black and white TV, there is trouble ahead. The past will remind you of yourself in the most abominable way. You will have to bear responsibility for long-standing mistakes.
The old TV, which has lost the clarity of the image, says that it will be challenging to realize what has been planned for life. Unclear goals and objectives can prevent this. Gather with strength and thoughts, try to describe in as much detail your actions and the result you want to receive.
A dream, where you watch television on a broken screen, speaks of the strong envy of colleagues. They are happy to put the stick in the wheel, and this is very detrimental to your progress on the career ladder. Do not disclose your plans, so that no one else can stop them.

When in a dream you listen to a working TV but do not look at it, you will soon hear a lot of flattering words about yourself. Just do not rush them to believe and blur in a smile: this is nothing short of an attempt to bribe you. The person, from whom the praises come, wants to receive something in return for his speeches.

The dream where you hit the big screen reflects the painful perception of any criticism. Do not overreact to all remarks too much. Sometimes, people say something unconsciously, and take everything at one’s own expense is stupid. But even constructive criticism should not be met with hostility, draw the right conclusions.

Carrying a TV for a dump is a sign of a non-serious attitude to life. For you, there is only today, and the future is far and abstract. The ability to easily part with the trash in the head and the house is of good quality. But do not do it too actively. Some old things can be very useful in life.

A large number of old picture tubes near the garbage cans advise you to do remarkable things. You lose a lot of time in vain, forgetting about the real values of life.
Attach a broken handle of the TV in a dream promises difficulties in work. Keep your emotions under control. Only peace of mind will avoid significant trouble.
If you saw in a dream how to repair a broken TV, in reality, you are under the watchful eye of a famous person. Show all your dignity and better quality: a good impression will allow you to reach great heights in your career and financial position.

Buying an old-fashioned television predicts the resumption of long-forgotten friendships. The acquisition of a new plasma recalls the need to spend more time with the family.
The sale of TV warns of a difficult financial situation. Because of your extravagance and disregard for money, you run the risk of finding yourself in a difficult financial situation.
Stealing the TV more than gives your desire to throw everything, and start life with a clean slate. This action will not help you avoid trouble. We need to calm down and understand ourselves, and then make a fateful decision.

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