Tarot Cards dream meaning depends on if you are a man or a woman. If you a woman and you had a dream about holding a deck of tarot cards, this means that you can rely on the help of universe forces in solving your problems. Appeal to a fortuneteller or to a spiritual person and you will be successful in life.
For a man, such a dream promises new obstacles in life. Your excessive self-confidence and irrepressible excitement will play a cruel joke. Keep yourself in control, otherwise, you will find yourself in a huge debt hole.

If you had the dream of a tarot layout, in reality, a cheerful life is waiting for you. Innate optimism and the ability to rejoice in small things will help push your destiny in the right direction. Using these qualities, and not paying attention to annoying little things, you will literally fly into the arms of your dreams.

tarot cards, dream meaning

The dream meaning of buying tarot cards tells about the insolvency of plans. Your dreams do not coincide with the hopes of others. Before relying on another person, it is worthwhile to clarify his intentions for the near future. It is possible that common interests are only in your imagination. Most likely, you are striving for completely different purposes.

If you had a dream where you need to guess tarot cards, in reality, discontent outweighs the joys of life. You obviously feel not at ease and really want to change it. Take time to your own sensations and get rid of irritating factors: they would not disappear by themselves

If you had a dream about a favorable arrangement of fortune-telling cards, only joyful impressions and prospects are waiting in the future. You can completely rely on your own resources, this will give confidence in a new day and help to cope with challenges on the way to the goal.

The dream about a bad alignment of the cards, suggests that your life may tune into a bad luck zone. It is better to save money for a tough time and move all important things aside for sometime.
Treat this as an inevitable part of life and stay calm. After a while, life will go back to the usual direction. Also, this dream can be an omen of health problems and lingering diseases. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor.

dream meaning, tarot cards

If you had a dream that the divination is conducted by an experienced fortuneteller, you will find a friend in a difficult situation. This is a symbol of support and carries a positive charge. Such support from others will help to overcome all the troubles and benefit from what is happening.

The dream of doing a ritual of divination with someone you know, in reality you can have a good rest in the company of this person. Do not give up the opportunity to relieve tension and refresh emotions.