The meaning of dream, where you saw the temple, can be varied. Most often, this reflects your spiritual state and experiences. However, there may be other interpretations.

If you dreamed of a temple on the horizon, it promises to feel a sense of vexation from unfulfilled expectations. Maybe, the company you have been working with for a long time will not bring the desired result.

The temple, unmarked in the fog or darkened, symbolizes the vagueness of your future. Do not rely on fate: for the time being it needs to be created, carefully following every choice.

To eat food while sitting in the church predicts to find peace and peace in the soul. You will be cleansed of heavy burdens and worries; you can enjoy life without haste.

The church of black color with bright golden domes personifies imperfection of your moral foundations. For the sake of achieving your goal, you are ready to step over even your parents. Remember that human life is valued more than any material wealth in this world.

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If you saw a white temple with golden domes in a dream, it foreshadows small and significant joys in life. Building this temple in a dream can bring useful connections and essential datings in real life. Do not refuse to establish new relationships.

The meaning of your dream can also depend on the name of the saint, after whom the temple was named. Thus, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior tells us that you can find true happiness in life only by overcoming all difficulties and trials. The Temple of the Blessed Virgin or St. Basil the Blessed promises a good experience and a victory over challenges, both to you and relatives.

The dream in which you were present at the service in the Catholic church, prophesies an essential and grandiose event in life. It can cause, like sadness, and joy, touching the most profound feelings.

Being in a vihara (prayer room) of a Buddhist monastery in a dream warns against participation in noisy feasts in reality. Refuse to sit around with friends, so as not to spoil relations in the family circle.

temple dream meaning, dream about temple, temple dream interpretation, seeing in a dream temple

Buddhist temple, where there is no statue of Buddha, personifies lies and falsity. Soon you will have to make significant efforts to recognize the pretender. Do not believe anyone, especially new acquaintances.

To see in a dream a mosque or a synagogue that burns with fire is a sign of temptation and sin. Your aspirations will lead to sad consequences. Before hurrying to fulfill your dream, think: do you need it.
A rainbow above a mosque speaks of quiet time and a bright band in life.

The Indian temple (mandir) reflects concomitant luck. Everything you will take will be executed in the best way. Your dreams have a great chance to become a reality if you now put your hand to it.

Dream, where there is a ruined ancient pagan temple, prophesies the possible divorce. Unfamiliar people or even your friends can now tell a lie, to achieve their own goals.

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