Dream, where you traveled on public transport, personifies daily routine and constancy. Life flows in the same channel, and you have ceased to feel its taste. Take a vacation, go to unwind, remember your hobbies. Do something to get out of the whirlpool of grayness and despondency.

If you dreamed a stop for transport, in fact waiting for delays in business or a desperate situation. It’s time to ask for help from friends and competent people. Do not show false pride and ambition.
Public transport, stuffed with people, warns against explosive emotions. Have patience and restraint in communicating with others. On the way to the goal, you are effective intact and good manners.

Turn into a single traveler in a trolley – a sign of the renewal of life. After continued failures, finally, the time of joy and success in business will come. All difficulties will soon be resolved, and a time of grace for new affairs will come.
The transport that you manage, filled with people, warns that you will have to lead others in reality. It will bring nervous overexertion, but will not add income. Treat philosophically and more often refer to the instructions of the management.

Dream, where your partner manages the transport, promises to cope with life’s troubles. To achieve this result, you will have to discipline your character and believe in your possibilities unlimitedly.
For a woman, a dream in which you gave way to public transport, predicts a pleasant acquaintance with a young man. What it will bring is not known and depends only on your mood.

A man’s dream, in which he freed a place for a woman, prophesies insidious nets. A beautiful person will try to manipulate you with all his strength. And, most likely, it will succeed.
Delay to the departure of transport reveals your careless attitude towards the time. Frivolity in business hinders success. Carefully distribute your work and your hobbies.

To catch the train at the last minute is a sign of victory over troubles. Thanks to your stubbornness and perseverance, you can overcome all life’s difficulties and obstacles.
The airplane foreshadows “to fly above your head.” Even the wildest dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled in this period unless you are frightened and go ahead. Show the character and will to win to get what you want.

Lose a dear man in any transport – a symbol of cooled feelings. Everyday life and the grayness of daily life adversely affected your relationships. Try to warm them up together. Maybe going to the movies or board games will help in this. The main thing is that you spend leisure together, and not just discuss the problems that have fallen over.

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