Dreaming about an apricot tree predicts an early relocation. The change of place of residence will be made under the pressure of circumstances, but one should not perceive such a course of life with bayonets. Thanks to this, you will be able to learn something new and do something that was not previously dared.
Dream about the tree with lemons warns against excessive sensitivity. The suffering of the soul cannot affect the situation and will only hurt you. Try to trust your loved one and not pay attention to vile gossip. It is very close and will allow you to learn something new about each other.

Dream about the fruits of the pear on the branches tells of the lies and cunning of the people around you. As soon as you hear too many flattering speeches, beware. For beautiful words, the enemies try to hide from you the actual state of things. If you miss the moment, the enemies will achieve their goal.
Cherry promises sorrow and the bitterness of life. You have to face live with unfulfilled dreams and shattered hopes. The larger the berries in a dream, the more frustration you will feel.

Dreaming about picking apples from the branches will bring the desired result in reality. Long-standing dreams will be fulfilled, and enemies will retreat. Ahead is waiting for joy and entertainment. The same is furthered by a plum tree, densely covered with ripe fruits.
The dream about a cherry tree prophesies to improve the financial situation. Happiness and joy will come into your life, and everything will grow. Do not push new people and new opportunities: all this will help you change your life for the better.
Nut reminds that happiness is difficult to create but very easy to lose. Unpleasant incidents can soon destroy the overwhelming joy. Everything will depend on the reaction to what is happening. Try not to fall into a rage because of trivialities and not to cloud your cloudless existence.

Dream about a blossoming tree says that the relationship with a loved one is harmonious and carefree. Mutual understanding will be complete with real feedback. Do not spoil everything with annoying trifles: a broken dish is not worth your happiness.
Dream about a fallen or felled tree is a sign of ruined hopes and troubles. Do not rush to cry before the deadline – having shown understanding and quickness; you will be able to overcome all difficulties. And the advice of a competent comrade will restore peace and prosperity in life.

If you saw in a dream, how you plant a new tree, in reality, you will find an additional source of income. It will significantly improve your material well-being and bring ease in life.
A fire that engulfs a tree warns of quick losses in money. The more there was a flame in a dream, the more destructive will be the changes. Look carefully at the wallet in public places and hide money away.

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