In general, a dream in which a truck is the central theme has a positive meaning. Most often this dream relates to financial matters. However, there may be other interpretations.

If you dreamed of a truck, in reality, someone would try very much to influence the course of events. This symbol warns that the influence of an outsider can be rude and unceremonious, on the verge of terror.

Manage the truck in a dream, promises the adoption of an important decision. You have to choose all your loved ones and bear responsibility for it. Take your choice very carefully and thoughtfully.

If you dreamed of how you happen to get a big car as a gift, you should wait for the increase in welfare and financial condition. All this will come to you personally and will not require effort.

If you dream about an empty truck, it predicts a time of loss and grief. It is worth to tune in and not be hysterical. Stars are advised to make a cash reserve for a rainy day and cut their expenses. Exceptionally strong with l be contrary interpretation of the dream, if an empty truck drove up to your house.

Dream about a heavy transport, filled to the top, on the contrary, will bring you profit and additional sources of income. However, if the truck body was filled with garbage and waste, you will hear unpleasant gossip about yourself in reality. Do not pay attention to them and, moreover, do not be nervous about this.

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To become a passenger of a truck is a sign of victory over difficulties. You will be able to overcome all the trials of fate and strengthen your position in the professional sphere. The machine from a dream will “take you” to happiness and joy quickly and without obstacles.

Turn in a dream into a truck driver, means to control your life entirely. Whatever happens, you can readily cope with it. Also, this dream can represent a successful proposal, which you will soon receive. At the same time the speed of movement of heavy equipment and your sensations at the wheel will help to make the right choice and will indicate the rate of resolution of problems.

Dreaming of an accident of the large machinery foreshadows the beginning of a dark strip in life. Unexpected incident will bring a long stagnation in business, unpleasant news and deprive you of peace. The same is predicted by a dream in which a truck splashed you with dirt.

If in a dream you jumped on the move from a truck, in reality you can not work together. You like solitary work, in which you can rely only on yourself and not depend on anyone. Perhaps it is a subconscious signal about the need to do their own thing.

Loading and unloading the truck prophesies boring work that does not require a thought process. You will have to perform the same monotonous action repeatedly. This can lead to nervous overexertion and breakdown.

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