A dream in which the tsunami occupies the main place may have a different meaning. It all depends on the circumstances of sleep and who is next to you. Often, such a dream has a negative rating.

If you dreamed of a tsunami, in reality, you would have close communication with others. Circumstances will drive you to a crazy rhythm and make you restlessly interact with people. For a long time, this period will not last and, having completed all the cases; you will be able to return to your usual way of life.

The dream, in which the tsunami caused you harm, predicts that the reality around will cause significant anxiety. Nervous overstrain and emotional shocks will have an ill effect on your health and will for a long time repel any desire to be in the environment of people.

When a dream covered a loved one, the stars are advised to help him in reality. Great difficulties can significantly harm a relative, but he does not dare to ask for help.

The dream about the tsunami that passed by, but did not touch you, predicts success in all endeavors. You will avoid difficulties with a miracle and hard work: they will also bypass. Still, this dream can bring with itself small, but delightful pleasures in the form of a bouquet of flowers or the found money, for example.

A dream in which a big wave is coming, and you understand that it will not bypass, says that soon circumstances will be covered with a head. It will take a lot of effort to “swim” in reality. Do not seek to solve everything at once; the problems will need to be divided into parts and cope with them one at a time.

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For a married woman, a dream where the wave divided you with her husband, personifies the presence of another woman. A man does not necessarily reciprocate with her, but an insidious person very much wants to bring strife into your family.

Catch the wave during the tsunami is a sign of unprecedented heights. Universal turmoil will help you take advantage of the situation to achieve personal goals. Try to use this chance to the maximum and move as close as possible to your dream. But at the same time, do not forget that disparaging person and ridicule them will prevent you from fulfilling your plans.

Tsunami, which destroyed your housing, prophesies family scandals. It is necessary to be as kind as possible and patiently to treat native people and not be irritated by trifles.

If in a dream the tsunami has covered you without consequences and damages, in reality, you need to pay attention to your behavior. Most likely, you have become a hostage of your emotions. It is necessary to restore order in one’s thoughts and feelings and to pull himself together.

The natural disaster that washed everything around, but did not affect you, tells about the cardinal changes. Water from sleep will “wash away” all the old foundations and habitual circumstances of life.

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