If you saw yourself in a dream walking along the dark tunnel, wait for minor troubles in life. You have to spend the strength and time to resolve many annoying problems. Try not to lose heart and keep a good mood.
Dream about going through the tunnel, towards the moving train – a sign of healthy life changes. Most likely, you have to do different work in a different field. Treat this as an exciting adventure: mastering something new develops memory and helps overcome boredom and routine in life.

The dream about a collapse of structures in the subway warns that there will be a period of failure.  You will be indebted to people who pretend to be friends. There is still a small chance to fix everything if you carefully look at your surroundings and calculate the liar.

A narrow tunnel warns against rash acts and participation in adventures. Circumstances will weigh on you. Lack of knowledge and experience in the initiated case will not allow achieving the desired result. It’s time to contact a competent specialist.

When the narrow passage was illuminated and pleasant in a dream, in reality, you will find a loop in solving complex problems and problems. This can affect both work issues and family matters.
The dream, in which you descend Soon the tunnel, symbolizes the blindness of your views. Inability to foresee the consequences of their actions and narrow horizons prevent us from taking advantage of favorable life circumstances. Stop being a conservative, and let something new enter your life. The surrounding reality does not stand still and is always changing. Similarly, you need to be flexible in different circumstances.

If you have a dream at the end of the tunnel, this means the right way to know your inner world. In the near future, you will be, able to defeat y, our complexes, and fears. Willpower will help you to find peace and balance.
Exit the tunnel to fresh air in a dream, presages that you can find the opportunity to change your life for a better life. Correctly set tasks will help achieve excellent results in a short time.

The snowy passage, which you dig yourself in your dream, encourages you not to sit idly by. It’s time to finish thinking and translate them into concrete actions.
For a man, dreams, where you descend deep into the ground, promise satisfaction in sexual life. However, beware: if you do not choose in favor of one woman, you run the risk of attracting big troubles. To a woman, this dream predicts the search for new sensations and acquaintances. But do not make this the meaning of life.

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