Underwear Dream Meaning

Depending on the circumstances in the dream underwear being prominently featured in it can have a different meaning. This usually refers to your professional life. However, there may be other options.

Merely seeing underwear being neatly folded signifies that there will be a lot of rumors about you and your actions. These rumors will not be able to tarnish your reputation, however, and you will not be affected to a high degree.

Seeing dirty underwear in the dream points to malicious rumors that will cause some harm to your reputation. If this dream has a recurring nature, it means that the talks will produce more lasting damage. You will need to work hard to remove the blemishes from your reputation. Dirty underwear will bring a flood of troubles and difficulties in life. You will have to put a lot of effort and time to understand the situation.

Seeing underwear on a clothesline drying means that conflict with members of your more distant family is possible.  If you hang underwear on a line for drying it implies that some sizeable victory will occur in your life. This will likely be connected to law and courts, and the success will probably be of legal nature.

If you dream that you are wearing quite expensive underwear, it means that your expectations about someone in real life will not be in vain. You will be quite pleased to know that they indeed care about your well being a lot.

Washing your underwear in the dream means that you will soon feel ashamed of something in your personal life. When you have this dream in the early hours of the morning, is a bad sign. It indicates that the act that will make the reason for your shame will happen sooner, most likely in the next few days.

If you wear new underwear in the dream, it means that you will get to a serious stage in the relationship with your partner. If you are not in a relationship, this dream means that you will soon enter into a relationship which will progress quite rapidly.

If you had a dream about seeing a lot of underwear, which pleases the eye, then such a dream indicates that wealth and prosperity await for you in the nearest future. Unexpected revenues can come from several sources at once.

A dream where people around you obsessively inspecting your underwear,  foretells the difficulties in your life due to someone else’s opinion. 

If you dream that you are choosing lingerie in a shop for an extensive amount of time, in real life it is a sign of excessive anxiety. You spend a lot of time caring for your good name and you miss the happy moments in life. 

When you prefer to buy corrective underwear in a dream, you can really rely only on yourself. This is a time in your life when it is hard to find true friends. Just focus on your life, hobbies, self-improvement and the right people will appear in your life for sure.

Another interpretation of the dream depends on what color was the underwear. So, if you see white color underwear, such dream recommends being more circumspect in dealing with people.  Black underwear predicts fatigue and not the ability to make basic decisions.  Try not to close in yourself and resist negative factors. Red coloring of clothes foreshadows a stormy relationship, and passion is on the verge of insanity.

For an unmarried girl, dreaming about beautiful silk underwear tells about future family happiness. Soon a beloved man dares to make you a proposal. For those who are not in a relationship, this predicts a new acquaintance and the rapid development of relations.

If you are dreaming about you put on someone else’s underwear, such a dream promises that soon you will find out about someone’s secret secrets. Try not to look for information specifically, it is not good for your reputation.

If you dream about getting underwear intended for the opposite sex, such a dream promises that you can get in an awkward situation in real life. Beware of getting into a funny situation, as this will ruin your life for a long time and can lead to big financial losses.

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