Unicorn Dream Meaning

A dream where a unicorn is present has a positive meaning. This pure and bright being speaks about the best qualities of your nature. Most often, this refers to the professional field. The meaning of is one of purity, especially spiritual purity can vary significantly due to various circumstances in the dream.

Merely seeing a unicorn in your dream signifies that you will quite soon meet a person who will quickly gain your trust. They are likely to become a lifelong friend of yours. The actual meeting will be slightly uncanny, and fate might have a strong influence. If this dream has a repeating nature, it means that the person you will meet might even be a soul mate of yours.

Chasing a unicorn in the dream signifies that you should be careful of quick decisions made in the upcoming period. You should also have upper hand over your temper as your patience will be tested mainly in the personal life. This dream, in general, can be considered to have warning overtones.

Meeting a unicorn while hunting signifies that you are quite reasonable and down to earth person. If this dream has a repeating nature, it means that your generous nature will be soon required in solving a task. This will be needed in the in your professional life.

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Hunting a unicorn in a dream means that your friendship with another person will be made uncomfortable. It will happen due to the other person being involved in nefarious and possibly criminal dealings. There might be a danger to your reputation being tarnished, and you will have a dilemma whether to continue your friendship with them.

Feeding a unicorn in your dream means that your long-time wishes about some aspect of your personal life will come true. It will happen soon despite some obstacles in the way.

Killing a unicorn in your dream signifies that you soon have some emotional shock. It will be related to happenings in your professional life.

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