Vase Dream Meaning

In general, a vase dream meaning foreshadows of good things to come. If the vase played the crucial part in your dream, it could be said you will experience rather pleasant spiritual fulfillment. This will happen in the coming days.

For people that are in a relationship dreaming about a vase is an indicator of things being on the flat ground in the relationship. There are mutual feelings that are recognized by both sides.

Dreaming of drinking from a vase that wasn’t designed for drinking can be interpreted as a sign of wishes. That stem from the personal life coming true.

If you are not in a relationship dreaming about drinking from a vase is a sign of an exciting person being met soon. Romance is especially likely if the drink contained in the vase was alcoholic such as vine.

If you dream about clear glass vase is a sign of your family life being very peaceful. It can be said that you will have this piece in the future for a long time.

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If you dreamt about a vase that was broken or somehow damaged it means favorable conflict resolution. Most often, this interpretation refers to personal life.

If you break a vase in your dream, it can be said that things will soon become very complicated in your personal life. This is especially true if you’re going through a stormy relationship.

Dreaming about very clear, almost crystal-like vase is a good sign. This indicates, is an indicator of your personal life being in a stable harmony with the outer environment. From this can be inferred that in the next few months you will reach some spiritual advancement.

If you dreamed about the vase full of flowers, it could mean that another person will soon welcome your advice. It can be said that you will soon be thrilled to have been of some help.

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