Veil Dream Meaning

In general wearing, a veil in a dream meaning  a desire to hide something from the prying eyes of others. Many times it is merely an indicator that you have secrets that you would rather keep for yourself. The appearance of the veil can also have a profound effect on the meaning of the dream.

If the veil that you were wearing your dream is white, it indicates that happiness is soon to follow your life. If you are in a relationship and you dream of wearing a white veil, this is a good sign. It suggests that the things in that relationship will move forward. Actual marriage is likely.

A very obtrusive veil that hides your face almost entirely is a sign that you desire privacy.  As well as you want protection from other people’s curiosity and comments about you.

Wearing a black veil indicates that things are about to get more serious in your life. You may have to re-examine some of your approaches towards your friends. Most likely, one of your friends will be the initiator of this.And this will be likely initiated from their side.

If in the dream you were wearing a black veil and you suddenly have thrown it away,  it is a symbol of freedom. It means that you will experience some form of personal liberation in the next few months. You will find a new way to get rid of bleakness and, thereby, add happiness to your life. The dream is of the same importance, where you was simply taken off your head a black veil.

If you see some of your friends wearing a veil, it means that they have some secrets. They won’t share with you. It is not wise to trust them or make any long-term commitments with them.

If someone of your friends in your dream puts a veil on your head, it is a symbol of good friendship. It signifies that that person to be a great benefactor of you. It can be said that you can fully trust them as they have a high trust in you.

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