Velvet Dream Meaning

The meaning of the dream in which you saw velvet most often refers to your professional life. It can also be related to your financial success. It depends on your actions in a dream and on the color of velvet.

If you dream about velvet and beautiful clothes made from velvet, it’s a sign of successful reality. In the professional arena, it signifies that you will get noticed. And that you will get acknowledgment for your work. You might also be honored for something at your workplace.

If you trade with velvet in the dream, it signifies an extreme success in commerce and business. In short, your luck will go up, and profits will increase. There is another meaning to this. You will have a somewhat substantial conversation with someone. This man has some higher position than you in your chosen professional field. This conversation will likely get you known and the right ears to hear about you and your work.

The color of the velvet that you dreamt about is also important. Black velvet means that you will have professional success. While a red one means that you will have more personal success. If the color of the velvet was green, it means that you will reach spiritual advancement. And that you will find the new understanding of yourself.

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If the velvet in your dream is old and torn, then it signifies that you should cut down on the arrogance and pride. This can hamper your professional advancement. If the split velvet was red, you should do likewise in your personal life and your relationship with your friends and lover. Both of these interpretations are especially true if you’re quite a social individual.

Being dressed in beautiful velvet clothes indicates that you will travel a lot in the upcoming time. There is also a notable aspect of your social interaction being increased significantly.

If you see yourself in the dream being dressed in old and torn velvet clothes that’s a bad sign. It can mean that you will lose a chance for friendship due to external influence from another person.

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