Virus Dream Meaning

In general, dreaming of a virus is a sign of quite strong attraction to trivia and little info. The same meaning the dream of a bacteria or similar a small organism. Interpretation depends on the details of your dream.

If during the dream you are concerned about being infected with a virus or bacteria you will have to make a choice. This is especially true if you are afraid of getting infected from people that you know or your relatives. Because that those people in the dream will put you in a dilemma.

If during the dream you are genuinely infected with a virus or bacteria, and you become ill with a disease, this is a good sign. It signify of you having good health and vitality in real life.

Additionally, if you are married the female, and you dream that you have fallen ill by a viral disease it’s a sign of you feeling confined. You might long for the freedom of your life when you were single.

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If you are female and single and you dream of being ill with a viral disease it is a sign of you being quite. You like content with how your friends are treating you. In other words, you recognize their concern about you. And you are more than willing to give the same back to them.

If you are only and male dreaming of being ill with a viral disease it is a sign of anxiety regarding your close friends. You might be quite concerned about the wellbeing of your close friends and the rightness of their choices.

If you dream that your computer has a virus, it symbolizes the closed mind. It’s a sign that you need to pay less attention to your past activities and friends. And instead focus on your new acquaintances. In the professional life, it is a sign of needing to look for new directions and new horizons. Branching out will likely be successful in a rapid manner.

Overcoming computer trouble that was caused by a computer virus, this is good news. In real life you being able to defeat your enemies compellingly.

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