Volcano Dream Meaning

A volcano dream meaning is varied. But most often it refers to active life and passion. Interpretation depends on whether it is active.

In general, dreaming of a volcano is indicative of rather a rapid happening of events. In other words, it is a sign of a volcano erupting in your life. This will contain many new possibilities in both your personal and professional life. You will undoubtedly be able to recognize new developments and will try to use them to your benefit. Alternatively, dreaming of a volcano can be a sign of things hastening up in your life. Dynamism will increase. And despite the great amount of energy that you will spend it is unlikely that you will feel breathless.

If the volcano you dreamt about was dormant and calm, it is a sign of hidden aspect of your personality. This personality aspect will not remain in public view for long, but rather it will go ‘under’ that way it came up.

If the volcano you dreamt about was extinct with no possibilities of it ever erupting again, it is a sign of your stealth. You turning away from your fiery and adrenalin laden times that you had in the past. Alternatively, it can mean that a close friendship will cool down gradually.

If you dreamt about and active, fiercely erupting volcano it is a sign of passions that you have inside. You need to be released from them. And indeed, there might some form of a showdown in your personal life. No winners will result from this showdown, but the whole release of energy and passion will be beneficial to all parties involved. It can be considered that the Pandora box needed to be open to having peace in the future.

If you are in a relationship and you dream about an active and erupting volcano it is a sign of the relationship going to next level of intimacy. It would hasten up and heat up things in a sense also.

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