War Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about a fight at war, there is a quarrel ahead and much disagreement with others. Try not to covert a small misunderstanding into a conflict Рit will only be worse for you.

Calm before the war, the Soviets prepare well for business meetings and recall all of its flaws before the native people. Anyway, shortly, a vital conversation will take place, on which your future life will depend.
If you had a dream where the declaration of war was signed interprets vigilance and scrupulousness at work. You will have a robust conversation with your superiors. It is best to show your competence and professional qualities, postponing emotions for later.
If you had a dream about a world being engulfed by war, it interprets materialistic troubles are likely to come up your way. Do not waste your money on useless things and make sure that you have a financial cushion for support during emergencies.
If you had a dream about participating in a battle, it interprets complication and difficulties in matters. Most likely, insurmountable differences will arise between you and your partner (colleague). So, you will have to show diplomacy. You need to peacefully and calmly convince others about you being right. This dream interpretation is about an unstable situation in the society. You will have to constantly wage war for our place under the sun, which will take a lot of time and energy. Cope up accordingly.
If you had a dream about atomic war, it interprets remorse. Inside you, there is a real confrontation between your benefit and moral values. It is necessary to settle this conflict before it’s too late. Not noticing your actions may not be helpful for you.
If you dream of participating in a military campaign, the dream interpretation is of health issues. Pay attention to the signals your body provides and contact the correct doctor to avoid being on the operating table.

If some of you unmarried girls have a dream about your partner going into a war zone, the dream may have some interpretation regarding the secret nature of the person. It will affect your relationship. Most likely, it is necessary to put the groom or your partner into the impartial side. However, ensure to think twice before taking any decision because the dream interpretation may or may not be accurate.

If you had a dream where you are workers of rear in the war, it predicts hard and diligent work. Have patience and mental strength: you will need them soon
If you dream of running away from military operations, in real life you can expect happiness and joy.

The further you managed to get out of the conflict zone, the more pleasant surprises await in life.

If you had the dream about the origin of hostilities, it interprets that in reality, you could not resolve internal contradictions. It will increase anxiety and continuously press until you make a decision. Do not delay this process. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid depression and nervous breakdown.

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