Watch Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about the watch on hand, it predicts inner nervousness and frustrated feelings. The dream interpretation is of plans and hurry. It is necessary to calm down and make a list of problems; this will help to solve them at a faster rate.

If you had a dream about figure 8 on the dial of the watch, it foretells that it’s not too far off when you need medical help. To avoid such trouble, the star recommends that you take good care of your health and take preventive measures.
The dream about the loss or finding of a wristwatch might bring trouble in life. Think carefully about your actions and give up reckless actions. Excessive impulsiveness will not lead to anything good. The same dream interpretation is when you have a dream about buying a watch.

If you had a dream about a broken clock, it could bring trouble because of your carelessness. Do not neglect duties, both at work and at home. Otherwise, problems and quarrels cannot be avoided. If you had a dream about breaking watch, it interprets that you will get into a difficult situation. Do not rush to make decisions hurrying will only exacerbate the problem.

If you had a dream about getting a watch as a present, it brings a valuable gift from fate in reality. It can be something material or an acquaintance with a new person who will become a real success in life.
If you had a dream about a watch being stolen, it is a sign of possible intrigues of ill-wishers. Rivals are trying their best to harm your reputation. If you watch it silently, your status will be hopelessly corrupted. The dream interpretation is the same where you present the watch as a gift to someone. In this case, it is worth paying particular attention to the person to whom you give the bonus; he is the one who will try to harm you.

If you had a dream about winding up the clock, it is a sign of positive changes. The lousy time will soon end and the time of joy and fulfillment of desires will come. Straighten your shoulders and lift your head to see the new horizons. The dream interpretation is the same in which you see a pocket watch.

If you had a dream of the packed new watch, it interprets vigilant, and you should not trust everyone in a row. New people, will arise in your life and you will be in entirely inappropriate company. Complete attention and alertness will avoid severe troubles in life.

The dream about the ancient chimes interprets that you should stop and take time to analyze. It’s time to fix the mistakes. It will help to draw the right conclusions and prevent such wrong steps in the future.
If you had a dream about hourglass, it interprets the cycle of events. Soon you will be tormented by turbulent social life, even if you do not want to. Do not be upset and try to find decisive moments in your current situation.

The dream of the electronic clock reminds you of the need to be calmer and show understanding of the shortcomings of close people. Spitfire and irritability will lead to family problems and a hurricane of negative feelings in the house.
The dream of a men’s watches has the interpretation of paying attention to real life. You are unnecessarily preoccupied with the future or stuck in the past. Reconsider your attitude to reality; it’s time to learn to appreciate every moment and enjoy today.

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