Water Dream Meaning

Dream of water has definite meaning as it promises success and well-being. Any container of water no matter how small is a sign of riches and luck. Try to remember other details of dream.

If you dream about a river or stream of water, it can be considered that prospects in your life will brighten up. It is especially the case if the water in the river or the stream is clear. When you see the water in them is turbulent, it means that you will need to undertake a risky business to succeed.

If you dream about a boat that is floating on the river, it suggests that you are on the right track. And that you should continue onwards. However, if the ship is old and crooked, it indicates that you should re-examine your approach towards reaching your goal.

If you dream that your bedroom is filling up with water, it means that you will have a slightly unexpected visitor. Most likely it will be a long-lost friend or a distant relative that you haven’t seen in a while.

If in your dream you see a river that is flowing nearby, suggests that you will soon experience an increase in earnings. The bigger the river is, the more significant the increase will be. If the stream near your house is somewhat murky, there will be still an increase in your earnings. However, the way to this increase will be riskier.

If in your dream you see a glass full of water, this is a good sign. It indicates that you will progress to being happily married to your current lover. If the glass of water is somehow cracked or damaged, it suggests that your current relationship will not advance to marriage.

If you ask for a glass of water in the dream, it indicates that your wishes will come true. This is especially the case if you have this dream in the early morning hours.

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