Watermelon Dream Meaning

To dream of watermelon have an auspicious meaning. Most likely, soon you will receive the first results of your labors. The meaning of sleep may vary depending on the circumstances, but always has a positive value.

If you dream you see watermelon growing on the plantation, in real life, you achieve everything in life with your work and mind.

If you dream about a ripe sugar watermelon, it brings success in life. All that you have spent to achieve the goal will return to you in a hundredfold.

If you have eaten a juicy and sweet watermelon in a dream, success awaits in all your endeavors. The larger the size of the berry, the larger will be the luck.
The dream in which you ate a watermelon in a snack with a loaf of bread promises life changes. To direct your destiny in the right direction, you will have to make significant efforts. Start with your appearance – this will give a push in the right direction.

Buying a watermelon in a dream is a symbol of getting a large sum of money. Perhaps you are waiting for a win in gambling or inheritance. Also, this dream can mean victory in a meaningful competition.

If you have a dream about giving watermelon as a present to someone from your friends, it is a sign of your inattention to the care of this person. Pay your attention to his efforts and show gratitude in return.

A dream in which you treat someone with a piece of ripe watermelon, it predicts a new acquaintance. It will be enjoyable and exciting. Continuing to communicate with this person, you will usefully spend time and learn many important things.

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If you dream about cork of watermelon, cut in pieces portends scandals and misunderstandings among close people. Your family is threatened by a cyclone of quarrels, the source of which will be a man who was using a knife. Try to translate everything into a joke and smooth it before it grows into serious trouble.

If you dream about cutting slices of the pulp of watermelon, then this is a sign of dissatisfaction in sexual life. A similar dream tells that you too often have to fabricate pleasure from contact with a partner and this hurts overall well-being. Try to talk with your loved one heart to heart and find out the cause of these failures.

For the man, a dream where a watermelon is present prophesies the negative response of a beloved woman to the question of the transition to the next level. This will bring a lot of hassle and trouble.

A woman’s dream with a round and pleasant to the touch watermelon promises a fast marriage or an unplanned pregnancy. In any case, it will bring a lot of happiness and pleasant worries.

If you had a chance to break a watermelon in a dream, you really should pay particular attention to your children. As to already born, and being in the womb.
The seeds of watermelon talk about the development of the inner world. The more precious your spiritual content will be, the more moral strength you will gain in life.

Dream about spoiled watermelon, warns about health problems. Pay close attention to your body, get exercise, go for a walk.

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