Wave Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream on the wave most often characterizes your emotional state. Usually, such a dream refers to your relationship with others. But there are other interpretations which depend on the details of your dream.

Seeing sea or ocean waves in the dream is indicative of emotional states that exist in you. The rather intense emotional states might characterize the period that follows after the dream. Your nature will become increasingly emotionally reactive.

Seeing dark ocean waves in the dream is indicative that your subconscious is active. Your desires might stem or have an origin in your subconscious mind even if you consciously don’t realize this.

If you dream that the vast wave has flooded the shoreline, it indicates that you will experience a significant event shortly. This event will have a long-lasting influence on you, and it will be of fundamental nature. When the water that has caused the flooding, it is a manifest the life of this event will be very positive. Muddy water in this case means that the game will be of a more neutral nature.

If in your dream you see large, foamy waves it indicates that you have a strong desire for self-promotion. You will reach renown and even possibly notoriety with your actions.

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If you dream that you were standing on the shoreline and you were swept by a massive wave, it is a sign that you should pay more attention to the nature of your friends. Some of them might be less beneficial than you think and some of them might be even outright hostile to you also if you feel that they are friendly.

Small waves can be interpreted as small events that are causing an emotional reaction in you. Your nature will be to notice even small changes in your emotional environment. At times you might also long for tranquility peace but find little of them.

Gentle waves that roll up on the beach are a sign of peace and tranquility in you. Furthermore, they indicate that the following period will be characterized by calmness and spiritual fulfillment.

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