Weather Dream Meaning

A dream about the weather has different meaning. Dreaming about the weather can be interpreted as you being resistant to adaption after changes in your situation. It is also important to consider how it affects you in the dream It is especially true if the weather in the dream is atypical for the season.

If in your dream it is summer and it snows outside. It can show that you are in discord with your environment.

If you in the dream see sunny and warm weather, it means that you have a slightly positive outlook for the future. Your plans for the future are full of confidence. Alternatively, a dream like this can be interpreted as a good sign for starting any new and significant projects. It concerns your career and professional life in general.

If however, you see murky and cloudy weather it means doubt. Probably, it indicates that you are not so sure about your prospects.

If in the dream you are paying close attention to the weather forecast, is a good sign. This can be a sign that you will have a slightly notable increase in your luck levels soon. It is especially true for your personal life. And meeting a person that is entirely compatible with you from a romantic perspective. This is quite likely within the next couple of months.

Dreaming of hearing or reading a weather forecast means that you will soon have an important decision to make. This decision will influence you for a long time to come. And therefore the decision will need to very well thought out. It is essential to take into the consideration the opinions of your family members. As it is likely that they will be affected by the decision also. There is also an alternative interpretation of this dream which is that you will not be so sure about your prospects. Despite being offered encouragement and sweet words from your close friends.

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