Wedding Dream Meaning

Dream about a wedding always meaning a notable change in your life. What kind of change this will exactly depend on the nature of the dream itself. Small nuances in the dream can make a significant difference in the perception.

If you dream about a lot of wedding guests, it signifies that you will have a significant and happy family meeting. When all of the wedding guests are dressed in white, the happiness aspect is even more pronounced.

If you dream that your wedding guests are all old, it means that business will go rather slowly. Your plans will eventually turn into reality, but this will be a long-lasting process. If this dream was dreamt early in the morning, it signifies even more slowness and possibly even interference from your enemies which will go against your dreams becoming a reality.

Being invited to a wedding signifies that you will experience a slightly happy occurrence in your personal life. This occurrence will be connected with your close family and friends. If you have children, it means that they will make you happy with their actions.

If you dream about your wedding, it signifies that you will have a resounding success in your professional life. Often there is an element of renown that is connected with this dream. Your work or aspects from it might become quite known, and you will be somewhat of a famous person for that.

Dreaming about the wedding of a relative signifies that things will go smoothly for them. This is especially true if you’re somehow involved in the process and if the dream occurs early in the morning.

If a young girl dreams about her wedding celebration, it signifies that she is the center of gossip that might be somewhat malicious.

If a young boy dreams of his wedding celebration, it signifies success in education and all educational endeavors.

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