Well Dream Meaning

The dream about a well meaning a subconscious desire to find yourself again in the happy times of your life. Most often this is due to memories from the childhood spent in the village. The dream interpretation is also of the desire to learn more about your family.

If you had a dream about dropping something into the well the interpretation is of loss of reality. The size of the damage is not predictable, but one thing is sure, it will not be possible to regain the loss.

If you had a dream that you fell into a well, be careful. Someone from the enemies actually “digs a hole for you.” Do not believe the smiles and compliments from old enemies – it’s just an attempt to lull vigilance before the blow.

If in the dream you get into the well, it is a sign that you should trust your intuition. The sensation of the trap, experienced in reality, is grounded. You can unravel the plans against yourself in time and take the appropriate steps.

If you had a dream in which a native person fell into a well and drowned in, it is a sign of your spiritual turmoil. As much as you do not want to keep the experiences secret, they will break out. Desperation and the feeling that you are cornered will adversely affect your whole life. Change the situation, go to rest. Moreover, if this does not help, ask for help from relatives or ask a professional to solve the problem.

The dream about clean water, filling the well,  foretells of the favorable prospects. Do not miss the chance to change your life for the better. Without your participation, all opportunities will pass by.

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The dream about the water that filled the well to the top (clean or dirty) will bring material well-being. Hard work will bear fruit in the form of prosperity and luxury.

If you had the dream, in which you dig a deep well, it is a harbinger of the future work. It will be quite labor-intensive. However, this does not mean that you will get a decent reward for it.

If you had a dream about your reflection in the water of the well, it represents the desire to know your inner world, to find answers to essential questions. You desperately need a person with whom you can discuss existing life issues. Try not to get hung up on this. Otherwise, you can miss a lot of pleasant moments in reality.

The dream of old and dried well is an alarming sign. You need to be more attentive in business and in dealing with friends. Do not commit rash acts to maintain a strong friendship with a loved one and reputation.

If you had a dream about getting water from the well, in real life you really could hope for the fulfillment of cherished desires. What you long for will finally be fulfilled. The dream interpretation is the same, where you drink cool well water.

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