Werewolf Dream Meaning

A dream where there is a werewolf has a different meaning. It all depends on the circumstances in a dream. Try to remember all the details.

If you see a werewolf in your dream, it is indicative that someone is not honest with you. Most likely, one of your friends is accomplished at serving you with weak excuses about his failures to meet his obligations towards you.

If in the dream you were fighting with the werewolf, and you have emerged victorious it indicates that you will be honored with a somewhat famous prize in upcoming time. Alternatively, it can be a sign of you being an incredibly persistent person. Many people will test your patience, but none of them will be able to throw you off your tracks.

If you dream of being a werewolf it is a sign of you being on the slippery slope of deception. You might find that one thing will lead to another and you might even end up having troubles with the law. As a result, you should re-examine your methods and approach towards getting the things that you want.

If in your dream you meet a werewolf calmly and you are not excessively frightened and distraught by the experience it means that you will stand bravely in the face of danger. The alternative meaning is that threats might be made, but you will remain calm and firm in your choices.

If you dream that you are running away or hiding from a werewolf, it means that you are not ready to face a problem in your life. It is possible that you are choosing to ignore them. Eventually, you will be forced to face the challenge which will be the right way of dealing with it. It is possible that you will have several ‘false starts’ in the beginning though.

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