Whale Dream Meaning

Whale dream meaning can have both positive and negative meaning. Depending on the circumstances in the dream it can stand for business success or parting off with a long time friend. Remember what the whale did in your dream and where were you at that time?

If you merely see a whale swimming in the water from the shore, it is a sign of significant changes in your life. These changes will be mostly spiritual. It is possible that soon some of your core values will change and that you will change your approach to life in a rather drastic manner. The changes will not occur in a contemporary way but rather in a series with one change leading to another.

If you see a whale spraying water, it means that you will soon make a significant purchase or acquire.

If you dream that you are on a boat and you see whale swimming alongside, it is a sign that your environment will actively support your efforts. It also means that you find support for your professional endeavors from your family.

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The meaning of the dream in which you are chasing whales is that of intense ambition. It means that you are quite methodical and planning and that you have precise plans for your future. You will have a strong drive for reaching success and you might be somewhat inconsiderate of the effects that your ambition has on your friends.

If in your dream you are hunting whales it means that you will have to make an essential decision in your personal life. The making of this decision will not be easy however you will make the right choice.

If you are swimming among whales, it signifies that you should be more careful in the way you choose your friends. Also, you should pay more attention to the loyalty of your work colleagues and business partners. In general, having this dream means that you should avoid making significant business deals in the next few weeks.

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