Wheel Dream Meaning

In general dream about wheel meaning progress, friendship and gradual change. It is especially true if the wheel is round, straight and not defective in any way. However, there are other interpretation options.

If you in the dream find or stumble upon a wheel is means that you will be soon presented with a rather expensive gift. It will solidify an already existing relationship. This gift will have a slightly significant emotional value for you, and it will be kindly remembered.

If you dream that a wheel comes off a car or another vehicle this is a bad sign. It signifies that one of your friends will turn your back on you. The alternate meaning is that betrayal is on the horizon and you should look out.

If in the dream you ride an ox-drawn cart with big wheels it signifies that progress is slow. However, sure in your business endeavors. This aspect can also indicate that the time is right for long terms investments. As luck will favor you for a long time to come.

If you dream that you are trying to drive a car but then notice that the wheels are crooked or somehow defective, it means that something will hold you back from you progressing forward. It can be a person or an occurrence over which you will have no control. Destiny might play a part also.

If you dream of a wheel being forged or made, it is a sign of a good financial prospects. Soon you will be able to implement them. This opportunity will bring a chance for a long-term income.

If in your dream you come across a wheel that is broken apart into several pieces it means that your help will soon be sought after by other people. You will not shy away from helping them. Though it might seem that the request will be a bit excessive at the start.

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