Window Dream Meaning

A dream in which a window appears has a diverse meaning. Most often this is a positive interpretation. However, there may be other options, depending on the details of the dream.

The dream about a closed window interprets as your detachment from the world. Mistrust of people and the desire to hide their feelings can lead to complete loneliness. Also, this is the interpretation of inconsistency of new cases: everything conceived will be the beginning of failure. It is better to wait this time without sudden movements.

The dream of an open window, on the contrary, interprets as the open opportunities towards fate. In life, a new stage of accomplishments and acquaintances comes, try to get from it everything that is possible.

If you saw the dream of a broken window, in reality, you should expect a lot of trouble and frustration plans. Refuse to begin and do not take serious steps. The dream where the whole window, including the frame, turned out to be broken, does not interpret about a new look. The framework that held you back before can no longer be prevented, and the learned rules of life will not be mandatory.

The dream of a knocking in the window interprets as testing in your personal life. New acquaintances can bring cardinal changes and destroy the habitual way. Everything will depend on the choice you made.

The dream interpretation of many windows in the house that surround you predicts a global opportunity. Now there is a chance for learning something new and expanding the horizon.

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Understanding the meaning of the dream where you look out of the window depends on what is happening behind the glass. A dull and gray picture interprets a bleak and monotonous work. It will take away all energy and will not have enough strength for anything else shortly. A pleasant view, causing joy, is the dream interpretation for change in the better way. What you hoped for will happen soon.

The dream of a bird that flies into the open window might bring essential news and unexpected meetings. All this will not necessarily be enjoyable but will undoubtedly prove useful for plans. The same is the dream interpretation is about the sparrow, which knocks on the glass.

If you had a dream about how you wash windows, you could hope for the end of the period of failure. Now bravely tackle new business, you have an immense horizon of prospects.

The dream about the fall from the window hints at the imbalance of forces in life. Incorrect distribution of internal resources can lead to overstress and a nervous breakdown. Reconsider your plans and arrange it in order. The stranger who fell out of the window symbolizes your anxiety and strong feelings about someone.

The dream, where you watched the falling of a stranger child, interprets as your uncertainty and sense of danger. Ask for support from family and friends,  this will help to keep calm.

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The dream about a conscious jump from the window reveals the craving for dangerous adventures and impulsive actions. Excessive desire to prove something to yourself and others, breaking the prohibitions and traditions, will bring only difficulties in life. In the willingness to act contrary to others, you run the risk of losing your self.

The dream of quietly and confidently going through the window from the room is a sign of non-standard approach. You will have to show ingenuity and resourcefulness in solving complex problems. Do not be afraid to try something extraordinary.

The interpretation of the dream, in which you observe through the window behind natural phenomena, depends on the elements outside the window. The pouring rain, outside the window of a cozy house, speaks of harmony and peace in family relations. The time spent together with relatives will allow strengthening this position for an extended period. Hurricane brings significant problems on the way to the goal. If you wish to solve them in your favor, it will be necessary to make substantial efforts. For the family, this means an uneasy time and loud quarrels. Try to keep yourself at peace.

Dreaming about the blizzard behind the window, will bring the development of relations depends on your actions in reality. If you are hiding in expectation of a step from the opposite sex, everything will fade by itself irrevocably.

window dream meaning, dream about window, window dream interpretation, seeing in a dream window

The dream of replacing the windows advises looking at the people around you with a different look. You will find that you have been mistaken in many aspects and this is what prevents you from establishing positive relations in the team. Do not cling so much to the old foundations: life is changeable, and with it, you must change too.

If you had a dream about a person on the window, beware. Soon someone will be able to break your will and change all destiny. Carefully refer to new acquaintances before taking their friendship at face value.

The dream interpretation of light in the window recommends not to despair. There is a way out even in the most unpleasant and difficult situation.

The dream of climbing the window interprets the need for an original approach to problems. You will be able to expand your horizons and learn something new about finding the right solution.

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