Wine Dream Meaning

In general, wine dream meaning has positive connotations. It symbolizes friendship, passion, spiritual growth and success. This especially true if the wine you were drinking had a good and pleasant taste and if you weren’t affected by drunkenness from it.

Seeing a glass of red wine is the indicator of passion. You might have longed for another person whether they are or aren’t into a relationship with you. It is especially true if the dream occurred in the early morning.

Seeing a glass of white wine or champagne is indicative of notable professional success. The success will come largely as a result of old friendships of yours.

Drinking a glass of wine when you are alone means that soon spiritual progress will follow. If you, however, drink wine in a large company it means that your personal life will see an increased level of activity very soon.

Seeing an old bottle of wine is suggestive of early friendship coming into view in a few months. It’s likely that you will reactivate an old association and you will become close again with your friend.

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Breaking a wine bottle is indicative of bad news that is related to the personal life. It is especially true if this dream is dreamt in the early morning hours.

If in the dream you break a wine glass it means that you will receive rather surprising news very soon.

If you spill a glass of wine, it indicates that you are the target of gossip. The gossip will likely be casual and it won’t be malicious or rumor spreading.

If you are at a market selling wine means that a long-standing conflict will be resolved. The resolution of this conflict will be rather sudden and fast and certainly not expected by you.

If you dream that you are making wine, this is a warning of great fortune and fame. An alternative meaning is that you will get a somewhat substantial inheritance which will well use by you.

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