A dream about wager usually has a positive meaning. Depending on the details of the dream, this may apply to you or to your close people. As a rule, it concerns to the professional or financial sphere.

If you dream that you have made a wager with someone is a good sign. It generally indicates that things will turn slightly competitive in your life very soon. You might be pushed into making conclusions and actions hastily, and this might not always be pleasant.

The meaning of a dream in which you wanted to make a wager but you could not due to some circumstance symbolizes restriction. This is indicates that you will be kept out of the competitive environment. You might want to enter into a competition, but you will not be able to do so due to outside influence. An alternative meaning is that a small group of people would want to humiliate you in some way.

If you dream that you had made a wager and that you had won it, it’s a good news. Probably, it can be a sign that you will emerge victorious from some competition in your professional life. Alternatively, this dream indicates that your luck will go up. And that odds will turn in your favor eventually even if they were against you at the start.

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If you dream that you had won a wager and as a result, you had won a lot of money or valuable items be careful. Because it means that someone is looking into your background and history. Your past actions might come to the forefront again, and they might be judged still also.

The interpretation of a dream in which you refused making a wager due to not being confident that you will win reflects your neglect. It means that you should pay more attention to the loyalty of your friends. This is especially true for the friends that stem from your professional environment. If you are in a business partnership, you should re-examine the terms of it.

If you in your dream you saw one of your friends winning a wager is a good sign. It means that the same friend will experience a very positive event soon.

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