Yawning Dream Meaning

If someone is yawning in your dream means that in real life you lack emotions. If you are yawning in the dream reflects your tiredness and lack of energy from routine in your life.

A dream in which you yawn from boredom in the presence of people promises to receive good news from afar. Your friends are fine; you should not worry.
If a young girl dream where her lover yawns next to her, heralds the long-awaited question. Soon the young man will dare to make you an offer of the hand and heart. If in a dream you yawn in the presence of a loved one, an indomitable passion will harm relations. Surrendering to dreams of a more promising communication, you run the risk of being alone with yourself for a long time. Remember, that ideal men exist only in the fairy tales.

Yawning in the dream, being in the company of annoying people, prophesies fun. Do not refuse to offer rest in the circle of friends. This will bring a charge of positive emotions and help dilute the monotony of everyday life.
When in a dream you yawn alone, in reality, you will laugh heartily. Do not look haughty, trying to suppress spiritual impulses. All the surrounding people are much more pleased to be with a cheerful person than to look at a dull and too dangerous friend.

The dream in which you yawn during a conversation is a sign that you do not want to be distracted in reality. Otherwise, you risk missing important events and details. This will hurt the whole future life. If you are entirely unable to concentrate now, take a break and rest for a few days in peace.

The danger threatens the health of a friend who was yawning in your dream. Because of a severe illness, he will not be able to work with the same timelessness.
If you dreamed of a yawning child, then, in reality, untiring activity and zeal give unprecedented results. Your spontaneity and audacity in this will help.

A large number of people in the room, who all start to yawn, portends troubles in the family. In reality, the problem will knock on the door, and you can not drive it away. Try to provide support to the household who will be directly affected.
A dream, where you feel better after yawning, tells about the upcoming exciting work. You have to perform a task that will help you to prove yourself well in the eyes of the boss, business partners or the customer.

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