The meaning of a dream on the yard can be varied. Depending on the details, this may apply to any sphere of your life. In order to correctly interpret your vision, you need to understand all its specialties.

If in your dream you see a clean and well-kept yard, portends some joyful events; the dirty and neglected yard is a sign of boredom and melancholy.

To dream of a churchyard foretells you about the long and desperate struggle with hardships; Circumstances may push you to leave your home, family, and friends.

A dream about your front yard reflects what you a trying to show to others. Such idea is a symbol of your personality. If you see a big backyard, it predicts success in your business. If you are not alone there, tells you that shortly you may meet a great person and you will have a lot of fun together.

The dream, in which the yard was dirty and overgrown, tells that it is difficult for you to adapt to changing life situations. You need to show more flexibility and loyalty in life.

If you swept the yard in a dream, your ability to make quick and precise decisions will help resolve controversial issues and difficulties.

If a girl dreams about how she removes garbage in the yard, it is a sign of an early proposal for a family. It is morally necessary to prepare for this.

To be in the role of an assistant prophesies a dream, where you sweep someone else’s yard. Do not refuse advice to those who ask.

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Restless predators, who have got to you in the yard, predict the intrigues of enemies. You need to monitor them and not miss the moment carefully. The crocodile, hiding in the backyard, warns of deceit from the side of the native person.

The schoolyard, filled with children, foreshadows career growth and financial well-being. Do not ignore this possibility.

If in a dream you see a cow in the yard, you can hope for an unexpected inheritance. A bull in the yard symbolizes an opponent in work or love. A horse says about family well-being and prosperity.

The garbage that you carry from the yard to the pit represents a release from fears and old complexes. You can let go of the situation and breathe freely.

Dream, where you put asphalt your yard, predicts the appearance of obstacles on the way. Do not give up, you will soon overcome the difficulties, and will get ambitious results.

The tile laid out in the courtyard warns of minor troubles. Do not pay attention to them, to maintain a common positive attitude.

If you dream that you find yourself sleeping in the yard, then it is a sign that you can not find a way out of the situation. Your excessive concern about what is happening and overexertion adversely affect your health and well-being.

yard dream meaning, dream about yard, yard dream interpretation, seeing in a dream yard

The courtyard, filled with birds, promises new acquaintances and many guests. You need to prepare for this in advance and have enough patience and food.

If you dreamed of a neighbor’s or churchyard, expect a lot of anxiety and hassle. You will waste energy and time.

A dream in which you see the yard with flowers will bring good luck in love affairs. When it is filled with weeds, think about bad habits. They overwhelm you, preventing you from enjoying life.

To drive people out of the yard is a sign of onerous duties. You put too much on yourself and do not have enough time for anything else.

The yard, filled with wood, predicts hard work. You have to do all the job on your own.

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