Zebra Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream about a zebra can be different. Sometimes it speaks of the duplicity of the people around them. Or warns about the upcoming choice, which will not be easy. It all depends on the details of your dream.

Zebra, seen in the dream indicates that you tend to waste your strength on a variety of activities. Interest to which passes quickly.

Depending on the place where you saw the zebra, the meaning of sleep may vary. So if you see wild zebra in the open air, it means that your goals are unattainable. If you see a zebra in a zoo says that you cannot even make your life more interesting.

The dream of a zebra encourages you to take decisive action in any matters. Within lies dozens of high potentials. All that is required is to wake it up and move forward.

The dream of the black and white baby zebra promises a very different life. A bitter disappointment will replace incredible success. This will help temper the character and teach you to react to events, without excessive fanaticism calmly.

If you had an unusual dream of turning into a zebra, it reflects the windiness and flexibility of the character. You quickly and skillfully adapt to new circumstances and can benefit from them. Such abilities can only be envied. However, the craving for change is a bit curbed, in such a whirlpool of events, you may finally lose yourself.

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If you see that zebra is running through the field, it means that in reality, you are trying to escape from a dangerous situation of relationship.

If you had a dream, where a loved one appeared in the form of a zebra, this dream indicates an unjustified trust. Such a partner in life can destroy everything overnight, too fast changes in mood, looks and habits will not let you breathe peacefully. Stability with this person is utterly impossible. You need to think well if you can reconcile with such qualities of character.

The dream of fleeing away from the zebra, says that not all friends are ready to come to the rescue in a painful moment. Some of them do not want to burden themselves with additional problems. It is better to find out in advance.

The dream of feeding a zebra is a symbol of futile effort. All the energy will be in vain, and time is wasted. Give up unfeasible embarrassment, before it’s too late.

If you had a dream of riding a zebra in a dream, suggests a problematic choice in reality. I will have to sacrifice something for the fulfillment of desires. Choose carefully, because it will be almost impossible to correct the consequences.

The dream of a zebra, locked in a cage, points to a skillful manipulator next to you. Give up advice and think for yourself. It is better not to tell anybody about your problems and not listen to strangers – all these conversations are just an attempt to force you to do something to please someone.

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If you had a dream of a dead zebra, it warns of a black event in life. Postpone all crucial events for later. An attempt to solve the problem now will not succeed and will stretch out all the vitality.

The dream of a zebra in the company of the lion, this dream recommends being patient. Soon, there will be a sharp change in the mood of your destiny. Do not fall into euphoria on success and despair on failure. One is necessarily compensated by the other, and to a greater extent will depend on your attitude towards what is happening.

The dream of an aggressive zebra, oddly enough, personifies luck in business. Soon everything will work out so, use the moment.

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