In general, a zombie dream meaning fatigue and detachment. Most likely, your feelings and emotions need a rest. However, there are other interpretations that are given below.

The dream where you see yourself as a zombie symbolize that you are emotionally separated from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are not keeping in touch with them.  A walking zombie reflects your negative life satisfaction and tells you that you are just living day by day and do not enjoy life.

If you see someone as a zombie means that you have lost your emotions towards that person. You are distanced now and have nothing in common.

The zombie you saw in a dream personifies your partial fulfillment of other people’s desires. Someone from the environment actively manipulates your mind. It is so good that you do not notice what is happening. The subconscious mind tries to draw attention to this fact. Look closely at those people who help, do you do it on your own or by force? Also, this dream can talk about the habit of climbing out of your business. Try not to give vent to gossip, and do not impose your opinion on people who did not ask him.

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If in your dream zombie attacks you, reflect that you are too tired of your work and need some rest. Probably you are under enormous stress in your waking life. Take a break and relax.

A dream, where you escape from the haunting zombies, symbolizes misunderstanding between people in a separate life sphere. If at work or home you feel uncomfortable and can hardly tolerate the presence of others, then for sure they show excessive self-interest and mercantile spirit. Protect yourself whenever possible from communication with such individuals, to bring your nerves in order.

If your friend is threatened with a zombie in a dream, it alerts you to a conflict in communication with him. Most likely, some factors will change his behavior for the worse and lead to serious disagreements. If possible, withdraw from the conflict and stop communicating with this person if he refuses to listen to the voice of reason.

When you turned into a zombie in a dream, beware of the conflicts of your subconscious. The harmony of the inner world will be destroyed by dissonance with the external environment, and lead to a disruption in life. Obsessive dreams about how everything should be, very much interfere with enjoying life as it is. Set yourself real goals and go to their achievement. It will bring more pleasure than unrealistic dreams.

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Several zombies around you in a dream is a warning of difficulties in communicating with people. Do not worry, even the most sociable person can experience a social crisis. You need to be alone with yourself and relax from others. If there is a severe presentation before the public, it is better to transfer it or entrust it to someone else.

A friend who came to you in a dream in the form of a zombie is an alarming sign. In reality, this person draws energy resources from you. Most likely, you feel emptiness and decay after communicating with him. Try to protect your consciousness and do not let him pumping your troubles into you. Prevent all attempts to complain and do not tell him about your happy experiences. It will be useful to master the psychological techniques of protection from energy vampires.

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